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  • Customers rate us with a 9.0
  • Affordable shipping rates
  • Easy Payments Options
  • 30 days reflection period


About Us

King of Crates has been founded by owner Ramon Zeilstra in 2015. What initially started as an idea from his student accommodation in the city of Groningen has grown into a European business. The passion behind this successful business came from finding a product that could be used for domestic use as well as providing a durable display/storage solution for any business. Using fruit crates for storage in a small student flat to create lots of space within the accommodation Ramon was living and within no time his peers started to follow the same concept.
Studying & toying with the idea of finding the right way to pursue this, he started to look into the use of used fruit crates. Local farming businesses had moved away from using wooden crate and changed over to plastic crates. As a strong believer in minimising the use of landfills, the King of Crates was born!

The fruit crates have got so many uses, from storage to display options for shop windows, offices, shop displays, hospitality displays to events & weddings. Their potential are endless. All crates have been actively used and can hold up to 20 – 25 kg each. Many have been used for fruit harvesting. The characteristics of the A class crates can provide a weathered rustic look, which is not only a trendy look but can also be combined with Industrial & modern interiors.

In the meantime, the business has moved forward. New crates, shoe storage and furniture designs can be found in our selection. King of Crates offers a wide range of newly designed crate furniture which are available in various colours.

Global warming has become such a monumental and complex issue. The problem of global warming is everyone’s responsibility, and as such, King of Crates will contribute to tackle this rising concern even though it is only through small actions. However, we believe that small actions and changes are not insignificant.

Consumers are becoming increasingly educated about the environmental impact of human activity. A global survey in 2014 indicated that 55% of consumers are willing to contribute and therefore pay higher prices for goods and services from businesses that have environmentally friendly products and services.

Most of the products we offer are hand made of 100% recycled & recyclable materials. Here some of the differences between low cost & ECO-friendly furniture.


The trend over the last decades has been towards mass-produced low-cost furniture. It is sold without any long-life expectations and must be changed regularly and most likely end up in landfills.


This furniture is created in an environmentally friendly manner that has minimum negative impact on the planet. This means that wood can be reclaimed without any chemicals and will not pollute or be harmful. It will reduce the need to cut more trees which is another reason to reclaim and recycle to help the earth. This is green living at its very best!

We offer a wide range of Industrial furniture, storage solutions, outdoor furniture, decorative ornaments and much more. Some of the wood we use on our designs are over 100 years old, which will not only provide a uniquely design piece of furniture, but you will also own a piece of history. Deliveries, depending on product(s) ordered, are stated on our website. However, we will keep the right to extent the estimated delivery time when any unforeseen situation may occur.

We will contact you to inform & keep you updated. Once an order has been processed, it will be leaving the workshop on its way to you. We will send a Track & Trace via e-mail with the expected date of delivery. We advise to check the Track & Trace provided to you for a more accurate timing.

If for any reason you would like to speak to us, please find our contact details below:

UK Customer Service for King of Crates:

Head Office Netherlands

De Kisten Koning
Director: Ramon Zeilstra

Office details:

Ploeggang 13
8431 NE

+31 85 8772604


CoC number: 62643525
VAT number: NL001522166B83